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Its over 10 years since I last used VATSIM and I am just trying to get back into Simming.

I was possibly using FS2004 or maybe FSX back then, but I seem to remember being able to have ATC (Vatsim controller) coming through Headphones and Ambient noise from the cockpit from PC Speakers.

If this is so how do I sort it out, as at the moment everything is coming through USB Headphones my PC sound is currently routed via a Focusrite sound system, (my other hobby is UKUlele

Regards and looking forward to being back

Terry Beddoes

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I can only speak for FSX, but in your sim set the audio device as your DEFAULT device (ie speakers ) that should send the sim sound to your main speakers, then make sure that the audio device for whatever pilot client you are using is set to the USB headset.   




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I joined for VATSIM for the first time and completed my test and also installed all necessary programs (vPilot). But I can´t hear any ATC. I tried also to conntect via text messanges but also no respond. Does anybody can help to fix that issue please?

Also a connection via teamspeak is not possible for me



-EDIT: Problem solved_

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