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I would like to get some clarification for military ops on the network, I have read a few posts and they were a few years old so I just want to check nothing has changed.

1) Can I fly civilian aircraft at RAF Bases, (I'm talking GA Aircraft) Most RAF bases in the UK have RAF flying clubs and this is the setting where I have done my PPL, can I do both circuits and sorties departing and arriving a the same airfield?

2) Just like a BA flight from Heathrow to Manchester, can I load a A330 Voyager, Tristar, VC-10 at Brize Norton and fly it out to Akrotiri?


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Generally speaking, a regular IFR or VFR flight -- similar to one you would perform in a civilian aircraft to/from civilian fields -- should be permissible regardless of the location and/or aircraft type.  In short, it's the type of mission that makes it a VSOA flight, not the type of aircraft.  That's my understanding.  Hope it helps.




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Your are able to fly to any airport, including military ones. What you can not do is conduct military operations such as interception, dogfighting, etc unless you are with an approved VSOA organization. 

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I co-ordinate some GA flights on Vatpac (World Discovery Wednesdays) and before planning a flight all I do is check out the real airport to see if in reality it accepts non-military aircraft.  If it does not, then I do not fly there, if it does then  I investigate the rules and requirements.  EzsyPezy🙂

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