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Short answer - yes! On VATSIM we have Topdown controlling, so a controlled airport should be controlled by CTR. However, uncontrolled airports might not. There you monitor and announce your intentions on Unicom. When airborne AND about to enter controlled airpace you contact CTR for clearence to enter controlled airspace. If you remain in uncontrolled airspace (class G) there is no need to contact CTR at all, unless you want flight following.


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Torben Andersen, VACC-SCA Controller (C1)

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Topdown controlling: For any controller you want, if it is not available, check in with the next level up (DEL, then GND, then TWR, then DEP/APP,  then CTR). Those poor CTR guys/gals have to do it all when they're alone. Hope that helps.

Rob Vanderkam

Canadian Virtual Airlines (CVA) - in operation since 1997


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