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Actually, please don't open a Membership ticket.  Membership support tickets are for Membership items, like if you are having difficulty reactivating your account, having trouble with your password, etc.  The Support Forum here is where people should ask for tech/web support.  Currently, if someone opens a Membership ticket asking for tech support, we direct them back to the forums.  Most of the questions that are asked, have been asked and answered before here on the forums, often multiple (dozens, hundreds, even thousands of) times.  So the forums are often the best/fastest way to get Tech/Web help.

However, as we do strive to make it as easy as we can for our members, the current methodology may be changing in the future; we have just begun beta testing a new help desk system, which, in addition to reducing/eliminating all the frustrating errors with the current old and decrepit system, is likely to have the ability to channel support requests to Web Services.  However, this is a ways off from being implemented.  

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Don Desfosse
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