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Cross The Pond - HELP WANTED

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  • Board of Governors

Do you want to be part of something exciting?

Cross The Pond is one of the longest-running and well known events on VATSIM. It usually takes place twice a year - westbound in March/April and eastbound in October/November - and involves a mass Atlantic crossing between Europe and North America. Pilot and ATC participation is well over 1,000 for each event.

The format of the event has been reviewed in light of significantly increased participation over last three most recents - a number of changes were made to the format and member engagement for the most recent event, which has gone some way to stabilise it to avoid airspace saturation and excessive delays for participants. The event will continue to be reviewed but, for now, it will continue.

Organising Cross The Pond is a significant commitment and has been done for many years by an informal committee of experienced members. Each individual in the group usually has a specific role which they lead on:

- Coordinator (brings together all functions)

- Oceanic

- Europe

- America

- Marketing

- Technical

Chris Pawley and I have been part of the committee for over 10 years and are both looking to step back from being intimately involved, although we will continue to support as required. Therefore, we now have a great opportunity to seek one or two new members to supplement the existing small group.

The workload is varied but will involve facilitating planning activities in the 2 months leading up to each event, with a more intense commitment needed in the 2 weeks leading up to, and during, the event. You would generally be expected to be present throughout the event itself in whatever capacity you are the lead for.

Things we are looking for:-

- Previous large-scale event planning experience on VATSIM and an excellent understanding of why Cross The Pond is unique
- Experience working with at least one of the following divisions: VATUSA, VATCAN, VATEUD, VATUK
- Ability to commite the amount of time required and to work with a wide range of people
- A level headed person who understands the needs and logistical challenges of the VATSIM community

Our plan is to "restructure" the committee depending on who sits on it, so volunteers who are interested need not specify which "lead" role they would be interested in, however please do indicate if you would be interested in acting as the coordinator.

Please send your expression of interest, with "CROSS THE POND COMMITTEE INTEREST" clearly titled in the subject, to the following:


We will then forward qualifying expressions of interest to the rest of the group for consideration.

There is no requirement for an essay for your expression of interest - a succint summary of why you think you would add value and how you meet the above will do nicely.

The deadline is 2359z on Saturday 6th February.

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  • Board of Governors
The central planning team for the April 24th event will consist of the following individuals:
COORDINATOR: Kieran Hardern
AMERICAS: Ryan Geckler, Phil Dowling, Erik Quinn
EUROPE: Nick Marinov, Simon Irvine, Samy Greve
OCEAN: Jean-Francois Desrosiers
There will absolutely be future opportunities in this arena - Kieran is very keen that we keep the team fluid and this is an opportunity for a complete refresh in terms of how this event is planned.
I look forward to continuing to work with you on this exciting event - thank you for being a part of VATSIM.
Kind regards,
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