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Changes in Divisional Marketing Staff

Chriss Klosowski

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Some changes to the divisional marketing team have been made within VATMENA.

We are sad to see Jakob Elaaidi depart from his role as the Divisional Marketing Director. During his term Jakob managed to get the social media back and running for the division and start the initial Cross the Land planning for 2021. Jakob leaves behind a stable department and we hope to see him on the scopes in the near future or flying around the network.

Ibrahim AbdelQader has been promoted to the role as he has been working closely alongside Jakob to boost the Marketing Department. Ibrahim now faces a new challenge to lead the team as a whole.

Zac Kaplowitz also joins the Divisional Staff alongside Ibrahim as his Deputy Director for the Marketing Department. Zac has been working in the back within our Marketing Team for a while and has shown multiple ideas to improve the department.

Once again I thank Jakob for his work and wish him all the best in the future, and please welcome Ibrahim and Zac in their new roles!

Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
VATSIM Network Supervisor, Team 5
##  [email protected] 


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