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New Staff Position Filled in VATCAR: Hit Squad Director

EJ Davis

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VATSIM Community,

The VATCAR team is excited to announce a significant role change.

With the current Hit Squad Director switching roles in VATCAR, Andrew Sterling has been appointed as the new Hit Squad Director! Andrew currently serves as a network supervisor and had previously been a part of the VATCAR staff team. Andrew will fill a critical role in a time when the Hit Squad will take on much larger responsibilities.

In this role, Andrew will now be seeking instructor-like training at every FIR in VATCAR to lead his hit squad team as a traveling instructor. This new expanded role allows the Hit Squad to support VATCAR not only for events, but also for training across the division. The Hit Squad is also apart of several upcoming (undisclosed) projects that we intend to use to shape VATCAR for some of the most impactful divisional alterations.


Andrew has a lot of work ahead of him!

Congratulations and good luck. Welcome to the team!

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