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Headset set up advice please

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Hi fellow online aviators,

I'm returning to VATSIM after a 10 year layoff (although very active in RL).

Can I just say how impressed I am as to how the process has progressed!! The process has clearly advanced to a new level!!

All those years ago, I used a plantronics single earpiece headset and had to integrate it to the PC via a USB audio interface, which I have to say worked fine. i could still hear the aircraft via my speakers (at a moderate volume level) with ATC in one ear.

Unless v-pilot (not tried it yet), gives me an option to 'mix' the two audio levels via a two earpiece headset, I'd favour doing the same in MSFS2020.

My research suggests using a USB headset, and I would appreciate feedback from the community as to which (speakers and independent headset vs PC and ATC in the same headset) is the favoured option for VATSIM. Any specific headset recommendations would also be appreciated.

In anticipation of your comments,



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