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Feature request: transmit on two freq at one time

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Gday, I’d like to be able to communicate on two frequencies at one. For two reason.

1) departing from an uncontrolled airfield - communicate on CTAF and enroute controller at once i.e. departure call

2) communicate on CTAF and UNICOM to avoid the circumstances where someone might not know the CTAF frequency or your near an airport and wishing to communicate on both.

Joel Richters



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I can't think of any scenario where pilots need to be able to transmit on two frequencies at once, especially on the network. Even in real aircraft, it's not possible for one pilot to transmit on more than one frequency at a time. The closest equivalent to this is with multiple pilot crews which can make simultaneous use of multiple radios, if the aircraft is suitably equipped, but even then they run the risk of each transmitter desensing the other receivers.

In your first scenario, the call you make on CTAF,  is going to be different than the one you make to the departure controller because the information that your intended receivers needs depends on who they are. In your second scenario, the only frequency you need to be transmitting on is CTAF. UNICOM, if it's different than CTAF, is only used when you're trying to reach someone at the FBO. On the network, CTAF, which is usually referred to as UNICOM anyway, is 122.8, although the CoC does allow for other designated UNICOM frequencies, which I just learned today.

Now I'm curious. Are you aware of network airports that are using frequencies other than 122.8 for UNICOM/CTAF functions? 

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Hi....I'm now and again advised to "screen Ground" by PE Tower regulators. How would I do this in XP? In the event that my airplane just backings getting on each radio in turn, I am positively not ready to screen another recurrence. In any case, assume it does uphold two radios at the same time, will COM2 get the PE sound stream while COM1 is additionally getting (and utilized for PE communicating)?

Another inquiry: Suppose COM1 getting is OFF and COM2 accepting is ON. When PE is set to COM1 transmission, will the regulator hear me yet I can't hear him (except if COM2 has a similar frequency as COM1)?

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