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ATIS Editor not parsing METAR cloud strings correctly

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G'day (Again),

I think this is only a relatively new bug, but it looks like ATIS is not parsing correctly at the moment.

As you can see from attached, the cloud has multiple components but only one is coming up. Every so often, it will show an update when it's just the cloud with the one value.




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That's a bit of a doh moment in that one (didn't look hard enough at the screenshot for the specific example).

I did see one cloud observation not come through which is what triggered my first look at it.  Cumulonimbus cloud observed 4000ft (METAR string below) did not show up on the clouds line - it only showed the cloud at 3000ft.

YSSY 040600Z 03022KT 9999 FEW030 BKN280 FEW040CB 26/19 Q1009 


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