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Open Sourced Training Administration System

Daniel Lange

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Daniel Lange

Hi there web-people 

As some of you might, or might not know VATSIM Scandinavia has created a new training administration system using Laravel mostly for our internal use. However now that we're out of the beta-phase, we do see the benefit of sharing this with others and consider it making an open source service all vACC's might use if they want. It's something more vACC's probably need and/or have considered making themselves. So instead of everyone re-inventing the wheel, using and contributing to something existing would make more sense. Making it open source will take a bit of work from our side to make it a bit more flexible and less depended on our other internal services, but it's something we're willing to consider if there's enough interest to contribute to this repository.

Short told, Control Center gives:
- Students ability to apply for training in the respective FIRs
- Book ATC positions (synced with vRoute) and tag them also if it's training or event
- Sweatbox calendar for mentors
- Training request overview and queue for Training Assistants in their FIRs. Also students are required to confirm continued interest regularly or loose their place in queue. This is because we had a lot of requests that were no-show.
- Solo Endorsement list mangement
- Reports, numbers and fun stuff like training stats and such
- Probably more that I haven't mentioned, just ask

Note: This would still require that your vACC have the knowledge and infrastructure to host it yourself, as we can't provide that.

I've attached a few screenshots 🙂
Let me know here or in PM at Discord if your vACC would be interested or have any questions 👍 

Daniel Lange
VATSIM Scandinavia Web Director







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Daniel Lange

Web Services Director
Vatsim Scandinavia

[email protected]

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