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Any support available for ACSIM sweatbox

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Hi Marc

Thanks for your link. Looks like we just have to accept that Chris is busy with other things and that support is no longer available.

its a shame because this program has so much potential.

If only we could contact Chris we might be able to encourage his to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on the source code to someone who has the time available to make the corrections.


I have been using the Boston sector file for basic radar training but it just isn't the same as using your home sector file.



John Gayford

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I mean, the programme ist not perfekt - and you cannot really train well - there need to be done just a few more things like

- the possibility that the aircraft can fly flightplans because in Europe we're using transitions very often which need to be trained

- different aicraft behaviour (B747 shall not turn like a C152)

Thats it what the programme would make as a useful tool for advanced APP/CTR training. Yet we can just use it up to a point of standard level...

Marc Riedel


vACC-SAG Director, Mentor & ATC Frankfurt FIR

Manager VATEUD ATC-Academy, VATEUD/SAG Examiner


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