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How to Run a (TX/RX) Master VatSim Client with (RX Only) Slave Client?

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I have a main PC running X-Plane11 with XPilot. I use a USB headset. I also have some speakers that I’d like to use. I want to be flying on VatSim with my main PC and XPilot using my own USB headset, and I also want to project the audio outside of my sim (since it’s a large 737 homecockpit). I could achieve this with some elaborate dongles and such but figured there has to be a better way through another client in observer mode or something. I thought about using Comm 2 but X-Pilot sends audio only to one location so even if I tuned Comm2, it will go through my headset.

Is there a way to use my regular XPilot on X-Plane11 for transmitting and receiving while another Vatsim Client sends the comms to some other speakers?


Thanks in advance!


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