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Com1 & Com2 both rx simultaneously

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Hi, I am a returning pilot after a gap of 12-15 years, I was online as an observer in A320 Neo on MSFS at EGCC earlier.

I saw which controllers were online and tuned The VHF ! (left hand) to EGGC GND and EGCC Delivery, which I could listen to by alternating the two frequencies, these showed up on COM1

I then tuned in VHF2 (Right Hand) and changed them over in Aircraft,

all seemed well until I then had COM1 TX & RX and COM2 RX. I was then recieving two controllers and no matter what settings I pressed in A320 I couldnt clear it. (Even switching one radio off)

What have I done wrong?

I also noted I couldnt tune into EGCC TWR as I couldnt tune a .20, it seemed to bypass .25 to .15




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Hi after reading documentation and sitting in a remote corner of EGCC, I have sorted the problem of simultaneous transmissions received.

But I note I can't tune to several different frequencies using the aircraft radio 

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