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Requesting Start-up and Push back clearance (is this for all aircraft?)

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I noticed at Manchester UK  (EGCC)   I have to ask the controller for start-up and push back clearance.  I know this can be found in the Navigraph Airport Briefing (DEP) and is also said in the real world.

I know this is obvious for Passenger Airliners/Large Aircraft,  but surely for smaller aircraft that do not require push back, can they simply get away with just asking for a start-up request?  or am talking rubbish?

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Took a quick look at the parking / docking chart, but there doesn't seem to be any stand from which you could do a taxi-out, they're all nose-in, except for the GA/Business aprons, which don't have any precisely designated parking areas.

The airport briefing says this on the matter of taxi-out / power-back:


Aircraft will not be permitted to reverse off pier-served stands under their own power. Aircraft may be permitted to reverse off remote stands at the discretion of the aerodrome authority. Permission must be obtained from the Airfield Duty Manager (Ext. 3331) via ATC prior to manoeuvre.

(Source: https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2021-01-28-AIRAC/html/eAIP/EG-AD-2.EGCC-en-GB.html#AD-2.EGCC)

I don't know how it's normally done at EGCC, but I would expect that if you're on a regular stand, you would normally be cleared for pushback, unless you are at a remote stand (like those North of taxiway Z) and explicitly request a power-back. GA aprons are often "push/taxi at pilot's discretion", not controlled, so you would request startup, and be advised to hold short and report somewhere on the boundary of GND's area of responsibility.

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