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Vpilot lag and Windows 10 Microphone Monitoring

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I’ve been noticing that during flight my vPilot client starts getting laggy audio and sounds scratchy (not the static effect for distance feature). I can see in my taskbar the microphone icon syncing up with the reported audio anomaly and when viewing the devices using the microphone, vPilot is being displayed on and off as the sound is going on. 
it really becomes noticeable when tasking the pc with loading chart overlays for navigraph, or even opening google chrome on another screen. 
My system is pretty spec’d out so I don’t feel that’s a factor. Flying in the A32nx on MSFS2020. I’ve checked I have the latest drivers installed. 
System specs:

Ryzen 3950x, 2080Ti, 64gb ram, 2tb m.2, ROG 570-E mobo 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any devs needing more info please feel free to contact me and we can try and work out a more detailed analysis of the issue. 

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