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Huge Altitude Discrepancy?

Spencer Wallace

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Hey all, I ran into a very strange issue during the FNO event tonight. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this, and if there was a simple way to fix it.

I first completed a flight from LAX-SJC during the event with no issues. During my second leg from SJC-LAS, I reached cruise altitude, checked in with the next center controller, and discovered that there was a 5,000 foot difference between my altitude (FL330) in the sim, and what was showing on the controller's radar (FL280). The first thing I thought to do was to check VATspy, which showed me at FL330. My first thought was that I was using someone else's squawk code, but when the controller had me climb another 1,000 feet, my sim and VATspy then showed me at FL340, while the controller was showing me at FL290.

We thought this might be a bug with the controller's software, but the difference persisted after I was handed off to the next center controller. I then tried quickly disconnecting and reconnecting, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Out of ideas, I figured it was best to log off of xpilot and finish the flight offline.

Anyone know what the heck happened? I was wondering if I might have been using someone else's squawk code, but that wouldn't explain why my altitude on the controller's scope would change after that extra 1,000 feet of climbing. Did the VATSIM servers just get overloaded and bug out?

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