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Welcome to EuroExpress Virtual

Gregory Adamov

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Welcome aboard!
We would like to welcome you to our VA EuroExpress Virtual.
Our VA is for everyone, regardless of whether you came here to have fun on large airliners or small turboprops, long or short hauls; everyone is welcome!
Our development plans include non-stop expansion and development!
We have got a wide variety of different aircrafts and routes, come and join us!

EuroExpress is a small international community for everyone.

Today, I would like to introduce ourselves.
We're currently developing our own VA Platform which would be done by 3rd of July (VA Birthday). 

You can join our Discord and and follow the development news: https://discord.gg/v27zyA8UKd
It will be brand new vEX Platform. In 9-10 of July We'll open alpha test. You will able to fly and test our platform. 

And also, We're planning to make 2-3 beta tests before opening.
We can't wait to see you flying with us and your feedback!


Some devs:


Welcome to EuroExpress!



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vEuroExpress Co-Finder
Since 03.07.2020

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