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Adding a Zulu clock to vPilot

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25 minutes ago, Adrian Barnett 1037621 said:

How hard would it be to code a Zulu clock within the vPilot window?


That would take about 30 seconds. However, there isn't really a good place for it. All the space on the main window is fully used when the window is shrunk to its minimum size. Also, one of my design goals for vPilot has always been for the UI to only contain information that you can't get elsewhere, preferably from within your sim. In other words, I want users to have to interact with the vPilot UI as little as possible. A clock doesn't really fit that design.

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You can also add a second clock to be displayed in Windows.

Go to Settings->Time & Language->Date and Time
From that window, click on "Add clocks for different time zones:image.thumb.png.bc51d0ca0d05b8b12a9743636d9bc98a.png
From there simply set up the following settings:

The final result will look like this:



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