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vATIS Connection Bugged (Bot Stuck Transmitting on BIKF_ATIS)

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I'm having a weird issue with my vATIS connections. This is a bit of a long story, but here goes...

  • I'm currently on BIKF_APP. I was fiddling with my ATIS settings for BIKF (at the time I was on Info A), when suddenly vATIS crashed (as in, an error message popped up saying "This program has stopped working").
  • After I tried to restart vATIS and connect my ATIS again, while I could connect to VATSIM without any errors popping up, I noticed that the TX indicator on the top right of the vATIS window wasn't lighting up.
  • However, when I tuned my own ATIS frequency (128.300) in the AFV standalone client, I could still hear the ATIS transmitting on voice on Info A.
  • I tried to change the letter on the ATIS to Info B and cycling the TX ATIS button (pressing it several times, making sure it was blue), but I could still only hear Info A on AFV.
  • I then disconnected from the network and closed Euroscope, the AFV standalone client, and vATIS entirely. I then opened Euroscope and the AFV client again (without opening vATIS) and tuned my my ATIS frequency in AFV again, but I could still hear Info A on AFV - even though vATIS wasn't even running at this point!
  • As an experiment, I then tried to open vATIS and set up an ATIS for the other airport in my airspace, BIRK. vATIS connected to VATSIM without any errors popping up, but again, my TX indicator (top right) wouldn't light up. When I tried to tune BIRK_ATIS (128.100) on the AFV client, I couldn't hear anything. Yet, when I tuned BIKF_ATIS (128.300), I could still hear Info A transmitting, even though I had a completely different facility & configuration loaded on vATIS!
  • I'm still on BIKF_APP as of the time of posting, and even though vATIS is completely shut down, I can still hear Info A transmitting...

TLDR: I think my ATIS bot is stuck transmitting an ATIS for BIKF, even though I've completely disconnected and restarted vATIS several times. I can't update my BIKF ATIS, neither can I open an ATIS for any other airfield.

Any help disconnecting the stuck bot would be much appreciated, thanks!

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