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Introducing VATSIM Velocity

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Introducing VATSIM Velocity!


VATSIM is proud to reveal our new position updating technology called Velocity.
Velocity provides position updates more rapidly our current FSD solution. The position update frequency is what determines how other user’s aircraft move when you see them in your flight simulators. For most applications on VATSIM the once every 5 second reporting along with interpolation within the pilot clients provided a solution that worked well. Occasionally, users would see other aircraft make unrealistic jumps or stutters when a new position report was received. However, flying which required a large degree of precision, such as high-speed formation flying was impossible on our servers.

Velocity changes that narrative forever. Our positions updates can now be measured in hertz (multiple times per second) instead of the once every five seconds of our current technology. Once fully released, VATSIM users will be able to see other user’s aircraft moving noticeably smoother and be able to achieve true formation flying while flying on VATSIM.

Velocity is currently in a closed alpha state, but all users can sign up for a chance to participate in this alpha at https://velocity.vatsim.net

We look forward to implementing Velocity on the main VATSIM servers soon!

Watch the launch trailer here!

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