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Help with vpilot *URGENT*

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So I got a new headset and needed to go and change it in setting so vPilot so I went to change them no problem I clicked apply and its giving a me a model match error for P3Dv4 I have uninstalled P3Dv4 long before this issue came to be noticed and now I CAN'T save the settings to fly online on MSFS now sense it wont let me past this stupid please help I miss flying online. PICTURE BELOW FOR REFRENCE!

help p3d.jpg

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When you uninstalled P3D v4, did you just delete the folder? Because you must still have the registry entries, config files, and the actual folder where it was installed. Otherwise, vPilot wouldn't think you still have P3D v4 installed.

Is there still an entry in the add/remove programs list for p3d v4?

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