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Transfer FLAi to New Computer

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While I hope that FLAi will be revived, I am currently transferring/reinstalling my flight sim software (P3DV4 and P3DV5) to a new computer. There is obviously no way to reinstall FLAi under the current circumstances, but all of the necessary files exist on my old computer. The question is, where are they?

I have found the vmr file, the addon.xml file, and the simobject airplane folders (cleverly named FLAi_??? :-)). However, the manual installation instructions (downloaded some time ago from BVARTCC) indicate that FLAi also installs files in the sim EFFECTS and TEXTURES folders, and I have no idea how to identify them.

If anyone has successfully done this type of manual transfer, I would appreciate hearing about how it was done.

Thank you 

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