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AmendFlightPlan() kicks out of network after a few minutes

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I am updating the fpl remarks with GetFlightPlanData().SetRemarks() followed by GetFlightPlanData().AmendFlightPlan(), and this works fine for a couple of minutes but then kicks me out of the networks, both with 50 aircraft or just 1 aircraft, live or sweatbox server, whats going on? If I don't call AmendFlightPlan() I don't get kicked, but the fpl doesn't seem to register it was updated either, so what am I supposed to do here?

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So you are saying the flight plan is effectively not amended at all? Then I would suspect an issue with the instance of the flight plan data object you are using, maybe a use or reference outside the block you are querying?

I don't know about a general issue in this regard otherwise.

What version of ES are you using?

Jonas Kuster Leader Operation - vACC Switzerland | www.vacc.ch

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This is on beta 25

Without calling AmendFlightPlan() this happens, notice the DOF/ in the flightstrip and the one in the flight plan window



If I call AmendFlightPlan() then it gets updated but kicks me out a few minutes later.


It's all being done in the same block, to my knowledge at least. This is called on OnGetTagItem():

void ACDMPlugin::CheckEtd(CFlightPlan FlightPlan)

    const std::regex dof_regex("DOF\\/\\d\\d\\d\\d\\d\\d");

    std::string cs = FlightPlan.GetCallsign();    
    std::string rmk = FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().GetRemarks();
    std::string sDof = "DOF/990101";
    std::string dofY;
    std::string dofM;
    std::string dofD;

    time_t now = time(0);

    struct tm* tmEtd = gmtime(&now);

    std::string etd = FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().GetEstimatedDepartureTime();
    etd = std::string(4 - etd.length(), '0') + etd;

    std::string sEtdH = etd.substr(0, 2);
    std::string sEtdM = etd.substr(2);

    tmEtd->tm_hour = std::stoi(sEtdH);
    tmEtd->tm_min = std::stoi(sEtdM);

    int dofPos = 0;
    std::smatch base_match;

    if (std::regex_search(rmk, base_match, dof_regex)) {
       dofPos = base_match.position(0);
       sDof = base_match[0].str();

    dofY = sDof.substr(4, 2);
    dofM = sDof.substr(6, 2);
    dofD = sDof.substr(8, 2);

    tmEtd->tm_year = std::stoi("20" + dofY) - 1900;
    tmEtd->tm_mon = std::stoi(dofM) - 1;
    tmEtd->tm_mday = std::stoi(dofD);

    time_t ttEtd = mktime(tmEtd);

    time_t etdP = ttEtd + 1800;
    time_t etdM = ttEtd - 1800;

    if (now <= etdM || now >= etdP) {
        now += 1800;
        struct tm* nowTm = gmtime(&now);

        std::string delayH = std::to_string(nowTm->tm_hour);
        std::string delayM = std::to_string(nowTm->tm_min);

        delayH = std::string(2 - delayH.length(), '0') + delayH;
        delayM = std::string(2 - delayM.length(), '0') + delayM;

        std::string newDofY = std::to_string(nowTm->tm_year + 1900 - 2000);
        std::string newDofM = std::to_string(nowTm->tm_mon + 1);
        std::string newDofD = std::to_string(nowTm->tm_mday);

        newDofY = std::string(2 - newDofY.length(), '0') + newDofY;
        newDofM = std::string(2 - newDofM.length(), '0') + newDofM;
        newDofD = std::string(2 - newDofD.length(), '0') + newDofD;

        std::string newDof = "DOF/" + newDofY + newDofM + newDofD;

        std::string finalRmk = rmk.substr(0, dofPos) + newDof + rmk.substr((dofPos + 10));

        FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().SetEstimatedDepartureTime( (delayH + delayM).c_str() );
        FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().SetRemarks(finalRmk.c_str() );


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I haven't read too much into what exactly happens in your code, but it seems that AmendFlightPlan() is called every time the if criteria above are met. So potentially this would be called every second or so (how often GetTagItem() is called) thus flooding the server with "AmendFlightPlan". So I think what happens is that the Vatsim-Server is seeing an attack on their servers and thus kicking you out. You might want to add if (FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().IsAmended()) above the AmendFlightplan, since a flightplan can only be amended once anyway. So it only gets called once and it should work fine.

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