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One thing I've noticed is that there isn't a section for Training...either Pilot or Controller.  Got many different sections and topics.  I ask because today I looked at my stats and noticed my hours and that my P1 rating is gone and now says "New Member Orientation"  So what happen to my P1 I earned back in what...2007?

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Also the new Member Orientation course with its exam doesn't apply to you. You have automatically been awarded P0.

Alistair Thomson


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4 hours ago, Alex Brown said:

One thing I've noticed is that there isn't a section for Training.

The Pilot Training website includes a link for my.vatsim.net/pilots/train. (requires login for access)
For those interested in P1 and higher pilot ratings, under Education Hub there are sections for Pilot Training, Learning Center, and ATO Roster.


So what happen to my P1 I earned back in what...2007?

There was a New Vatsim Rating topic discussion last year regarding changes (from previous pilot ratings to the current options), including:
Member Certifications Standards (MCS) for P1 Private Pilot License (PPL) ASEL, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Mike / 811317

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What i was talking more about was I didn't see anything in the forums on a Training section like there is for screenshots, vpilot, events and so forth.  

I did notice the new training and that was why i had asked about the section.  Not too cool with loosing my P1...folks like me that have been loyal to the network, got hours and ratings should have been considered before loosing what we worked for.  All good tho....just have to start over.......

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Hi Alex!

The restructuring of the Pilot Rating system has most definitely been announced. It was posted on this forum pretty much exactly a year ago as a 5-month notice, before the change took effect in September. It was also announced on the vatsim.net website, as well as all of VATSIM's social media accounts and BoG meeting minutes.

The forum post explains a lot in regards to why the change happened, and will hopefully also reassure you that this is in no way done to disrespect or show a lack of appreciation for you, and the other members who have contributed with the additional expertise and time required to undergo the previous P1 exam.

The new ratings are structured in a way that reflects the knowledge you would have after passing the respective exams, and thus we had to reassign already existing ratings to fit the new system.

I hope this explains things a bit better. This is all done to improve the Pilot Rating system!

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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