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Suggestion: keyboard shortcuts (especially for zooming)

Patryk Jezierski

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tl;dr Please add keyboard shortcuts such as zoom in (NUM+) and zoom out (NUM-).

I'd like to suggest a feature, quite a simple one I believe, which is to add keyboard shortcuts. My mouse's scroll wheel is acting up I learned there's no ability to zoom in and out with the +/- keys on the numpad (nor those on the alphanumeric part of the keyboard). Maybe I've missed something? Is there any other way to zoom in/out apart from using the mouse? Well, zooming in can be done with the mouse; zooming out is the hard part.

Is it something that is being considered or maybe will be now? Perhaps there are more shortcuts that could be useful.

PS. I'd like to express my utmost appreciation to the creator of this application! I use it all the time while flying on VATSIM!

Thanks a lot!

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