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ES - dep list empty ... help?? [RESOLVED]

Charan Kumar

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I know I know, this has been asked before, and trust me I have read the info and tried to do all the steps advised. Still, I can't get it to work.

CTR with owned sector, departure airport KRNO has been selected with rwys and METAR is up, yet the FP shown below is out or KRNO, but won't show up in dep list does't have the acft... what else could I be missing?



PS. I do get an error that SCT lines aren't closing, could that cause an issue?

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Have you got "Set Airports by owned Sectors" by any chance in general settings? Sometimes ES will try to only show airports within the sectors ownership. You can check that out in the .ese under the sector with entries for DEPAPT and ARRAPT.

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Is the altitude o KRNO correctly defined in the sector file?

Sometimes, depending on the scenery, there can be the possibility of the plane not showing in the departure list because Euroscope thinks the plane is in the air. However, by looking at the FP LIST, I see that the flight plan is not started.

Is it a permanent issue or it comes and goes?

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Altitude data existed even in sct2 files, which is what I copied over, but I will definitely check that. 

it’s still being built, so permanent in that sense as it hasn’t worked yet. 

I do have the settings enabled but I kinda remember having tried without that too. 

I am the one building the ESE file and I added DEPAPT and ARRAPT on the 2 primary sectors I have created and enabled. 

I will check those and get back. I also found an issue with the coordinates definition which I have since fixed. 

Thanks for the tips. 

When is your next Flight||VATSIM HitSquad Member, ZOA/ZAK/GANDER/P1


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So, I fixed the sector line errors, closed it, and fixed the syntax. I couldn't find where the altitude is for the airport.

But I did notice, there is a 'D' at the end of every airport, in the Airport list, which is not needed in VRC, so I went ahead and added that. 

Now I did my final set of changes together, so something among them clicked and even when logged in as OBS, the Departure list started working. For now I am a happy camper, although I would love to know what that D means at the end of the airport.


Cheers and thanks for the assistance.

When is your next Flight||VATSIM HitSquad Member, ZOA/ZAK/GANDER/P1


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We sometimes have an issue where planes will appear and disappear from the departure list.

This only happends on a certain airport and with certain simulators.

The airport has that D at end, in the .sct file and the ground filter is above the airport altitude (airport altitude at 326').

What else could cause this issue?

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Hi, I'm facing the same problem on sector VNSM Sector file, I have tried every possible method that has been stated above, For reference I have also attached a screenshot. If anyone has figure how to solve it please let me know.  You can also text me via discord: Resh#2338


Resh Bikram Bhattarai
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