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[SOLVED] vPilot Host with voice in background

Matthias Roschk

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Matthias Roschk
Posted (edited)


today i wonder why voise is not working, but during the Test it worked.

So, first my Setup:
on the FS PC runs Prepar3dv4 as Admin and vPilot Host with voice also as Admin. Then i have setup a PTT Key ( F2 ) as PTT in vPilot and a Joistick Button as PTT which send F2.
That works as long as the vPilot window is in Foreground, but when the P3D window has the Focu, the PTT is no longer working.

I also tried to setup in vPilot "Keep Window visible", but that also does not work



As far as i dont can keep vPilot in Focus or as the Focused Window, what can i do here or what did i miss maybe ?




Now it works again, i dont know why...Post can be deleted

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it works again
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