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How does model matching work?

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Just to get my head around this. Am I correct when I think that to get the correct livery on another pilots aircraft that other pilot has to have a call sign relating to the livery. not just selecting the aircraft ICAO? i.e. I am a Compass pilot and use call sign YMAXXX so even when I enter aircraft type as B738 if I do not use the call sign the livery will not be seen? If that is correct it leads to another query; If I use my Compass callsign for an aircraft that does not have a Compass livery, say a C172 how does vPilot work out which C172 livery to use? Thankyou Dan

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That's right, it uses the type code and the callsign prefix to find a model match.

If no match can be found for both the type code and the callsign prefix, then it will use a "generic" livery, if one exists in the user's installed models. If no generic model is found, it will use the user's default model.

Note that this is only applicable for vPilot. Other pilot clients may behave differently.

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