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Vatsim dont Connects / Network plzz help

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Hi im starting  Vatsim and Putting my Datas from my Flight in and then im trying to Connect and it says "Not connected to network." and i was in msfs 20 the sim when i started vatsim.  That are the Sentences they Say :                                                                                                                             Network error: Invalid CID/password  [11:15:01] Disconnected from network. [11:15:02] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - )                                                                                 Sorry for My English and Thanks for The Help !

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Hello Simi and welcome to VATSIM!

Please reach out to the VATSIM Membership Department by opening a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/ and we can assist you.

At this time you not being able to connect to VATSIM is unrelated to the new member orientation exam.

Thank you!

Michael Mund-Hoym

VATSIM EMEA Membership Manager & Data Audit Manager

VATSIM Network Supervisor

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