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TIME/TOBT on latest beta

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I have a question regarding the new features available on the latest Euroscope Beta. Based on what I noticed currently the on the Startup List the TIME column takes the time the pilot filled on the flight plan. Then, Euroscope substracts 20 minutes to give us the TOBT. Is there any way to change that value from 20 mins to any other value?

Also, is there any way to avoid assuming the traffics when changing the state?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mariano López

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To start with, the time the pilot files should be the EOBT, as this is the time that is being filed.

PANS ATM about Item 13:


Vatsim prefile:


The time displayed there should depend on the time you set in General Settings under taxi time. Looks like this doesn't work currently.

First time in a long time that the beta is acutally a beta 😄

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