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Disconnected from VATSIM

Stace Heasley

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Hi all,

First time trying to log into VATSIM using vatSys as an observer.  When I select a sector and OBS and click connect, it thinks for a while and displays an error box saying I've been disconnected from VATSIM.  Invalid CID/Password.  AFV could not connect to AFV.

TIA for any help, and apologies if I couldn't find an existing thread...



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Hi Stace

Double check that your password is correct, and that you're using an OBS callsign (eg. SH_OBS) and Position is set to OBS.


Note: Your password is case sensitive for AFV but isn't for VATSIM. This can cause you to connect to the VATSIM FSD server successfully but your AFV connection gets rejected.

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Developer - vatSys


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