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Announcing VATSIM's Community Partnership Program

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Introducing the VATSIM Community Partnership Program


VATSIM is proud to announce and open applications and initial members of our community partnership program!

We realise that our community is what makes VATSIM the premier global online flight simulation network and wanted to create a program that celebrates the individuals who help us grow our community of flight simulator enthusiasts worldwide.


Initially, we are opening this program to content creators who possess the qualities VATSIM looks for when promoting our community to their viewers and give them the tools they need to continue to promote VATSIM and inspire their viewers to join our community.


We are happy to announce that our launch partners are Chewwy94, SlantAlphaAdventures, and LondonController. We are looking for other content creators to join the program as well!


Content creators who are successfully admitted to the program will receive the following benefits:

·         Exclusive roles, colour, and channel access in the VATSIM Community Discord.

·         Access to VATSIM Community Partner logo for use on stream or other medium.

·         Guaranteed admittance on request to upcoming beta programs on VATSIM.

·         Guaranteed slots for major slot controlled VATSIM events, such as Cross the Pond, upon request.

·         Going live and/or new video messages automatically posted in the VATSIM Community discord server.

·         Official “VATSIM Partner” Group and role on the VATSIM Forums.

·         Direct line of communications with the VATSIM Marketing Team.


Content creators who are interested in applying for consideration as a VATSIM Community partner may do so now at my.vatsim.net and clicking on the vacancies tab. The minimum requirements to join the program are as follows.

·         At least 50 concurrent viewers for live streaming or 250 daily views for recorded content.

·         At least 500 followers for live streaming or 2,500 followers for recorded content.

·         Must be actively creating content while connected to the VATSIM Network

·         Must use VATSIM as their primary network when creating flight simulator content online

           Note: Other networks may be used, we just ask that the primary network used is the VATSIM network.

·         Must have an account in good standing and not have received any suspensions within the last 6 months at time of application

·         Must display a positive attitude that is aligned with VATSIM’s core brand of Aviate, Educate, Communicate. 

Note:  Excessive trolling or disrespectful behavior goes against VATSIM’s brand image, content creators that create trolling content, or content that can be perceived as rude or disrespectful to others will not be admitted to this program.

VATSIM looks forward to hearing from you soon!

VATSIM Community Partnership Annoucement.pdf

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