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vPilot Voice will no longer work

Matthias Roschk

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i am sorry to ask, but all works fine view days ago, but today the Voice is no longer working.
I have vPilot Host with Voice, running as Admin, on the FS PC with P3d v4.5 also running as Admin.
On my Tablet i have vPilot Client running.

But since today the two Textboxes in the right upper corner of the client are dark ( see pic ) 

The problem is, i have also tried vPilot ( not as Host mode ) itself on the FS PC, and also there are no RX/TX buttons ??
The Text is dark.
I did not change any Sound settings or something and also i checked the Sound, and its workling fine.
Also the PTT Key is working.
When i try to connect to Vatsim in any version of the client, all seams fine and in the connect window is a Message
like "Connected to voice Server..." .. 

I dont know what else i can check?


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