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TX/RX test box facility

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I'm new to VATSIM and Vpilot an am having a tremendously frustrating and demoralising time trying to set up a headset and mic. Sometimes the headset will receive voice and other times it appears that I can transmit, nothing I do seems to lead to a successful sequence of events. Whilst I'm going through a multitude of settings to get a consistent solution it would be advantageous to have a facility where you can prompt a response from TX and trigger a voice message to confirm RX. I've irritating (probably) several controllers and pilots with radio checks and voice TX requests to feel that I'm abusing the airwaves and goodwill.

The eqpt I'm using is P3DV5.1  PMDG 737NGXu, Win 10, My prime sound bar is routed through Sonic Studio 3 which is the only way I can connect to it optically. Win10 control Panel - Sound doesn't appear to like optical connections. I've read that Sonic Studio can be a source of mischief but it's just one of the avenues I've got to blunder about in. My headset and mic is connected by a 3.5 jack on the front of the PC. As there is no idiots guide and most people seem to be PC savvy and have Masters degrees in Computer Science I'm at the bargain basement level of trial and error. I've read the hints, tips and Vpilot documentation and everything is as the guidance says and I always run P3D and Vpilot as an administrator.

Any advice or help much appreciated.

Ian Chalmers



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