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VATSIM seeks Vice Presidents, Supervisors (VATGOV9) and Pilot Training (VATGOV13)

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VATSIM is a voluntary international online flight simulation network with well over 114,000 active members. The VATSIM Board of Governors 


Vice President Supervisors (VATGOV9)

Accepts, reviews and processes applications and requests of Members to Supervisor status. Submits requests to the Board of Governors for approval or disapproval and notifies individuals and Regional Directors of the Board’s decision regarding all such applications. This Governor is also responsible for maintenance of VATSIM database records regarding Supervisor ratings status and monitors the performance of and conducts investigations into complaints involving Supervisory personnel. Takes action as appropriate and in accordance with any rules and bylaws to suspend and/or downgrade individuals from Supervisor status when warranted. Provides assistance as needed for training or resolution of Supervisory issues.

The full position description can be found online at https://www.vatsim.net/staff/board-of-governors/vice-president-supervisors


Vice President Pilot Training (VATGOV13)

Develops, monitors, implements and maintains focus on pilot training programs within the VATSIM.net network. Assists Regions and/or Divisions and their training directors as appropriate and/or required.

The full position description can be found online at https://www.vatsim.net/staff/board-of-governors/vice-president-pilot-training


Application Process

Due to the critical nature of these roles, members must be good standing with VATSIM.

Applicants are required to nominate TWO VATSIM members in good standing on the VATSIM network who may be contacted by the panel appointments panel to provide character references. Details should be provided of the referees name, VATSIM ID and contact email address.

Please send your CV (which may include real-world elements but must also address your history with VATSIM including any staff positions you hold, or have previously) and covering letter (which demonstrates how and why you are the best candidate for this role, no longer than 2 sides) to [email protected] by 2359z on Sunday 25 APR 21. Late applications will not be accepted.


It is anticipated that short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the Appointments Panel very soon after the application deadline.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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