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question from a controller about taxiways

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Hi fellow X-Plane Pilots,


as a controller, I have a question.


I know, that you don't have such fancy sceneries of the airports and there fore, I don't have a problem when any X-Plane pilot asks me to leave the frequency (and log off) after vacating the runway.


However, much to my suprise, on monday, an X-Plane driver managed to get to the correct gate, using the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned taxiways. Everything looked perfect on my radar screen.


Now, should I be more demanding of the X-Plane Online Flyers or was that an add-on?


I would be interested in your expectations of the Tower/Ground Online ATC we are providing for you...


Best regards,



Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.


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Hi Joerg,


actually things are getting better for X-Plane pilots. Although most airports in the X-Plane world are without correct taxiways, some users created VATSIM-compatible taxiways. If you are interested, I could make a list of airports in SAG land with accurate taxiways.


X-Plane comes with a tool called WorldMaker, which allows to easily create and modify the ground layout of airports. In addition there is a small application around which uses ASRC sectorfiles to construct aprons, intersections, taxiways, gates and so on. The german-based LeipzigAir made a set of SAG airports which are compatible to sectorfiles (and also to GAP scenery as far as I know).


The problem is that not every pilot has theses add-ons. Some of the new taxiway data is already implemented into the X-Plane database (similar to navdata.at - you can download AIRAC-compatible navaids, fixes etc. as well as aerodrome data), but not every user has always the latest cycle. I would propose that it will be best to ask whether accurate scenery is avail or not.


Hope that helps...


Best regards,



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Well this is a never ending story for x-plane users. The bottom line is that we have very few decent sceneries, the good ones are seldom compatible with the new releases of the simulator which adds much to our frustration. Some excellent developers have even dropped the whole project. Where do we stand right now?

Not easy to say in a few words, in any case here it goes: The last stable version of X-Plane is 7.63, for that version there are some very fine airports (I won’t talk here about general landscapes, hills, rivers and so forth), in Europe as well as in the US. The compatibility with Vatsim is pretty good. Quality however is by definition very variable because every author has his own standards of quality. Moreover the number of airports covered is ludicrous compared to what we really need.

Now a new version has come up, version 8, of which we savor a new beta almost daily, the old sceneries, most of them anyway, are completely useless, adding to the growing frustration of the developers. We, the pilots are in a sort of limbo, we want to upgrade but we know that we won’t have decent airports for a while and even if we stick to the older version, as I said before, we only have so many airport sceneries.

So you see, the picture, for the time being, is not brilliant. All we can do is wait and hope. Let me [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you that if controllers are puzzled, we are not happy either.

Mario Pozzetti LISBON

XP-Italia Staff -GoodWay Team


Imagination is more important than knowledge... (Albert Einstein)

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Probably that pilot had a nice Vatsim compatible scenery for that airport (wich one was it?) or, as i try to do, he followed the taxi chart as much closer as he could.

In most airports it works just fine, even if we won't probably be able to stick on the *imaginary* yellow line

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