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Did you win the lottery?

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Your hash value can be generated using the following details:
1. Personal information serialization: join your CID and VATSIM-registered email address with a comma (,) e.g. 1234567,[email protected]
2. Hash algorithm used: HMAC+SHA256
3. Key for HMAC: WFSS_VATPRC_2021_04_17_1200_1600_Yo9Qd

If you wish to generate the hash value by yourself, you may use the Python 3 code below, with your correct serialized information.



import hmac
import hashlib

message = '1234567,[email protected]'
SALT = 'WFSS_VATPRC_2021_04_17_1200_1600_Yo9Qd'

hash_value = hmac.new(bytes(SALT, 'utf-8'), msg=bytes(message, 'utf-8'), digestmod=hashlib.sha256).hexdigest().lower()



Or you may use the JavaScript code below, with your correct serialized information.



const message = '1234567,[email protected]';
const SALT = 'WFSS_VATPRC_2021_04_17_1200_1600_Yo9Qd';

const hashValue = require('crypto')
  .createHmac('sha256', SALT)



The obtained hash_value/hashValue is your hash value.

(UNENCOURAGED) Or you can use any of the following third-party websites or other websites that support the calculation of HMAC+SHA256 to verify your and hash value with your personal information.
Note: For the sake of personal privacy protection, we strongly recommend that you use the code above to verify by yourself instead of using any third party website.

If you win, congratulations!


C3 Senior Controller

VATPRC6A Assistant Event Coordinator/ATC Mentor

VATSIM People's Republic of China Division (VATPRC)

i87ubHr1P7c0Xbn4EBpRNaOribXP64wQjkpWyvqWFWnpx9GmEw8hqf9J_a1Zl55GoE_-qMF-MZqxc1IYo6SDn2ZmWTb0RKwBqlbP2Ti-PzSLk6Zeewd4xoG7DUUzCBny1udKNIZKxO2j6Tt3rw www.vatprc.net

oi82vruYklUls37Lm5VNEbnYwCppzyDM9S_8nzMJbRlt2Gpej2MlCbEF7z0yu3Yvd4bk5KlY8F5SFXPja9OOtYD2A-xLrjyFpvHHR-PqyTRxf6AJrSi9fcUWLw36QTHWZEXEnsDdKNm3wBueXg [email protected]



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