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Sort by loggin name instead of time?

Hongye Zhang

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3 minutes ago, Ross Carlson said:

No, it's not possible without software changes and I don't really see the point of needing to sort such a short list.

well yeah you can find it more quickly otherwise it’s really not a need


C3 Senior Controller

VATPRC6A Assistant Event Coordinator/ATC Mentor

VATSIM People's Republic of China Division (VATPRC)


Qb0xIa_lAynpTqgQQMqM2vB7fyQrGNZSE6yoMj7QFPNw--8E-9120DfzfrQFGS0QVd2bb6Cv6ax-wfWUo6TvMtn6HYJEYJgGs69zCo0fQQauS5C2mjvMJHwXRMW2s-xNY7JpMJUG=s0[email protected]




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