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VATATIS URL not working in r29

Daniel Klepp

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We are currently moving from UniATIS to VATATIS, but in the latest beta I can not get the vatatis link to work. Other controllers without the newest beta have no problems.

This is the link that is not working: https://10868052-review-feature-10-0ioy70.flightleveltech.co.nz/gen?arr=$arrrwy($atisairport)&dep=$deprwy($atisairport)&metar=$metar($atisairport)&apptype=ILS



Director of Norway FIR

Vatsim Scandinavia

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3 hours ago, Mark Walsh said:

I discovered this as well today.  Has something to do with the alias functions, i.e. $arrrwy.

Try to use capslock as the ATIS airport, that seems to resolve that issue. So ZZZZ instead of zzzz

The issue Daniel is reporting has something to do with the hyphens I think, since any URL without those works fine.

Edited by Adrian Bjerke

Adrian Bjerke
Training Director | ACCSCA2
[email protected]
VATSIM Scandinavia


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Hi All

Please direct any VATATIS issues to our support email [email protected] or the VATATIS discord.

I do not actively monitor this forum.

If anyone is still encountering the above issues please get in contact with me via one of the two above methods. A brief test shows lowercase ATIS airport working fine for me, so there might be something else going on beyond that.



VATATIS Lead Developer

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