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CODE / Duplicate Beacon errors in vERAM

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An issue I've encountered in vERAM, whereas upon discussion with actual RL ERAM controllers (and comparing to VRC experience), this didn't occur, regarding CODE errors in vERAM:


UPS1234 flies into your control from unicom.  You give him a beacon, let's say 6523.  He lands and disconnects.  His flight plan persists (and can be accessed via QF for about 30 minutes after he disconnects).

You're busy, and working top down.  You get another flight some time after UPS1234 has landed, and QB's random assignment also gives 6523 as a squawk code, as it's currently available and not being used by any pilot on the network that you can see.  

As soon as they take off, they show CODE error, and they're conflicting code is with a flight plan of a disconnected pilot, not an actual airplane in the sky also squawking that code.

This happens just about every single time I control.  It would seem that you should only get a CODE if an aircraft's beacon is conflicting with another actual aircraft, and not an inactive flightplan that's just being stored.

Is it's current functionality expected behavior?


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12 minutes ago, Benjamin Gustafson said:

Is it's current functionality expected behavior?

No, that's not expected ... if UPS1234's flight plan is still in vERAM's memory (which it should be for up to 30 minutes after disconnect) then QB should not assign 6523 again. I'll put in a bug report and look into it the next time I'm working on vERAM.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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