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Iraq merges with the Kuwait vACC

Chriss Klosowski

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I'm pleased to announce a long-term project that has been in discussion within the last few months between the divisional staff as well as the Kuwait vACC staff. Since it's establishment Kuwait vACC has been thriving to bring it's little airspace active on the map and make it one of the active vACCs of the Middle East & North Africa Division. The vACC has went from virtually no activity to 18 active members with 13 rating upgrades since its establishment. The vACC ranks second in terms of ATC hours with 1532 hours in the last 5-6 months behind the U.A.E vACC.

Without further-ado I'm happy to announce that Iraq has officially been merged with the Kuwait vACC making it Kuwait & Iraq vACC. The local Iraqi community will now have the same benefits and services as any other active vACC within the Division. In the coming months you can expect more services over Iraq as well as potential events so stay tuned!

What happens if I'm part of the Kuwait vACC do I need to transfer to the new vACC?

No! Everything has already been done on the membership side of things. All members of the Kuwait vACC have been moved to the Kuwait & Iraq vACC.

Best of luck to the vACC staff team in their new adventure!

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