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Textures for VATSIM

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Hello everyone. 


I don't know if I'm creating this topic at the right section, but I need some help because I just registered at Vatsim, after some bad experiences at IVAO, and I started downloading the vPilot software, but I couldn't really understand how the textures for other pilots connected work. Do I have to download another software for textures (something like the MTL) or the vPilot itself provides these textures? I started reading some discussions and I came across something called FLAi, which apparently got disabled at the beginning of this year, so I'm not really sure what should I do and how this works, but I would love some help.



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vPilot does not provide model matching liveries, it is simply the pilot client.  FLAi was what the community used for several years on VATSIM for model matching for most sims, but the AI developers changed their minds about allowing their packages to be downloaded via the very easy-to-use FLAi package.  So, currently, your alternatives appear to be for freeware, use AIG (very clunky download and install methodology IMO) or purchase payware.

Don Desfosse
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Alpha India Group is your only legitimate option for freeware right now. 


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