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No models installed for some ICAO aircraft types. How to assign substitute type to them?

Keke Lekou

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I am new to both VATSIM and Swift after (too) many years simming offline, and I am really having a ball.

Installing Swift was really straightforward with the tutorials, creating the model mapping too.

But I faced one issue online today for which I have not been able to find a solution (either here on the forum or on Swift Youtube's video tutorials) : I can not see some other traffic (in that case PA28 and E55P), while a KLM 747 and BA A321 showed up nicely. I suspect the reason is that I don't have any models for PA28 or E55P in my FSX folder.

So I would like to know if I could assign for each ICAO aircraft type listed in the Swift database a substitute model from the ones installed in my sim. This is basically the other way around from what you explain in your two model mapping videos (extracting data from your sim and exporting it to the Swift database).

There might be an obvious way to do that or a tutorial available, but I have missed it so far...

Thank you for your help, and even more for this lovely piece of software!

Fly safe,

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Hi Keke,

welcome and I am glad that you found swift not too complicated to install and setup!

Regarding those missing CSL: yes, these aircraft types are not available in abundance! We got a few CSL listed here https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=xplane_models to get you some better results.

swift's model matching code does look at aircraft types that are transmitted by other pilots and then looks them up in its own database. For example, a Piper Archer "P28A" will tell swift that this is a L1P:

  • L = Land aircraft
  • 1 = 1 engine
  • P = Piston engine

It then will search your own Active Model Set for matching CSL models and most probably display a C172 in the absence of a perfect matching P28A CSL. If you are not happy with a result, you can manually set a different type on swiftGUI's "Models" widget.

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Hallo Andreas!

Vielen Dank for your reply!

The link you posted has brought me to the dedicated « how to manually replace models » page that is really helpful.

To be honest, I was a bit concerned that no model would show up if the exact same type was not installed, but after checking again in-sim, this is not the case : the aircraft column of the model widget gives the replacement rule.

And the most probable issue I faced might be related to a unsupported model format (P3Dv4+) because while browsing through the airplanes spawned by swift, one was invisible except for the nav lights.

So the whole issue lays most probably on my end with mixed-up model formats, not with Swift.

Anyway, your support is much appreciated!

Fly safe!

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