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Hi Guys

I have vPilot error for a long time and I couldn't to solve it. 

After I connect by vPilot everything is ok (Image1). 

but after a few seconds Voice server connection error is coming continuously every 12sec (Image 2).

I know that my internet connection is fine and there is no problem about it. also I run it as administrator. 

the version is the latest one. I changed server, uninstall and install it again but error still appears.  

I am really don't know how i have to solve it. any body have my problem?




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1 hour ago, Nestor Perez said:

The servers have had zero problems. This is an issue between you and the servers. Nothing VATSIM can do about it.

I did two flight today and yesterday, and many pilots were informing ATC that they are facing this issue. So it’s not just me.

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