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Fictional/defunct airlines callsigns

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Hey fellow pilots, i've got a quick question; is callsigns from defunct/fictional airlines allowed to be used on VATSIM? For example Color Air (1998-1999) used the callsign "Pennant", would i be allowed to use that? Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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Short answer: Yes, you can! 

You can do something fictional like flying a Concorde with Lufthansa livery to Kai-Tak (VHHX). All this is possible and allowed 

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Tim Wong
Director of Virtual Airline Relations
VATSIM.net Virtual Airlines and Special Operations Administration


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7 hours ago, Andreas Fuchs said:

...and please help air traffic controllers regarding your special callsign! For this, add one of the following in your flightplan remarks section:


Allright, roger that. Thanks for your help!

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