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Ingame-Panel for FS2020: VR support for Vatspy

Marius Kark

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Hello fellow pilots,


When I fly VR on Vatsim in FlightSimulator 2020 (which btw is amazing, provided you ve got a biest of a rig and GPU),
looking up controllers,  frequencies or coverage of ATC in Vatspy is kind of clunky as you have to alt-tab to desktop and take off you headset.

Would be awesome to have an  in-game panel in FS that shows the desired information at a mouse click (while still having the  vatspy software running in the background)

Software-engineering-wise I guess it shouldnt be so much of an obstacle - saying as s.o. with basic programming skills 😉 to stream those data in a T0 implementation from a local webserver -  after having used some other ingame panels that make use of a similar or even more elaborated concept (e.g. the littlenavmap-ingame panel)

Help would be greatly appreciated and of course I'd need some kind of api interface access to  Vatspy - so devs step forward please!

Like means - I like the idea.

Have a safe flight!
Guten Flug und eine sichere Landung!


Disclaimer: There is a collection of ingame panels out which I find very useful, it even contains a vatsim panel. However it was sadly not synchronized correctly with the vpilot software therefore displaying too little or wrong information. So I guess he did not have access to the vpilot/vatspy data.
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