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How do you manage to taxi at airports which are not up-to-date? e.g. many airports don't have stand signs or exact taxiway markings on aprons...

Of course I could by an addon for each airport I'm flying to but that's quite expensive and it's FPS demanding. I don't need extra buildings, jetways... just want to update my aprons with taxiways and stands.

Other option: looking at "little nav map" or a similar software which has the correct markings and turn inbound the stand as soon as you're abeam...


(I'm using P3D v5)


Thanks & happy landings



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I'm following this thread because I'm really interested in what comes up.

I remember many years ago flying a light single using FS9/XP at Glasgow. I did my power checks at the flying club as I had done many times in RW. The club is based off runway 10 on the NW corner of the field. It was only after the power checks when I called Ground for taxy that I realised that Glasgow no longer had a runway 10. It was now a taxiway to the main (and now, the only) runway, but ATC happily allowed me to take off on 10 - even though it had apparently become runway 09 before closing.

It had been quite quiet at Glasgow so my actions were not too troublesome, but I'm sure that this sort of thing could be quite a headache if there are many aircraft using different maps at the same airfield, so it will be interesting to see how this thread develops!

Alistair Thomson


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I always consult the current real-world charts for my location and navigate in reference to those.  Even with missing or inaccurate (quite common in MSFS2020) signs I can usually figure out where I am relative to where I chose as my starting location, or relative to the runway, etcetera.  ("Okay, he wants me to go via Alpha then Delta, so Alpha is the northbound one here by the GA apron, and Delta is the left turn just before the crossing runway.")

In some cases it is the pavement itself that has changed, and you either have to reconcile what you're seeing in sim with what's on the chart and attempt to follow the clearance you were given, or, stop and advise the controller of a scenery discrepancy and ask them how to proceed.  It's often the case that controllers who work certain airports frequently are familiar with the layout changes that have been made there, and can offer some useful guidance based on what you are seeing.

 It's also worth noting that there are many sources for freeware airport layout updates for whatever sim you happen to be using.  It means an extra step in your preflight planning -- checking for updates to your origin and destination -- but the installation is often only a couple-minute process.  Flightsim.com, AVSIM.com, X-Plane.org, and flightsim.to may be good sources for you (depending on which simulator you use).




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What it can really help on this matter is to study and prepare yourselves before you get online. Study the airport layout and possible taxi routes. The same you can do enroute on the way to your destination. Even if a taxiway has been renamed if you know the general direction of your assigned gate you will be able at least to move away form the active runway to the correct direction.

Dimitris Ntistis 

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