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How can I Change My name?

junhawn kim

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I need to change My name! So What should I do to change my name at VATSIM?

If I need to open the Ticket, What topic should I Choose?

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Allow me to provide some input.

VATSIM as a whole has taken large steps towards protecting all members' privacy.

VATSIM is compliant with real world data protection regulations, ensuring that all members' data is kept safe and via the published Data Protection and Handling Policy, VATSIM provides members reassurance and transparency in its data handling practices.

Not too long ago, VATSIM added section A4(b) to the VATSIM Code of Conduct allowing members to use a variety of approved name conventions which do not reveal a member's full first and last name while connected to the network and allowing similar name conventions in further locations, such as the VATSIM community discord server.

VATSIM, like many other similar organizations, is faced with the challenge of balancing members desires for privacy with the larger scale security and safety of the community as a whole, especially considering that our members are as young as 13 years of age.

The Membership Department is happy to accommodate name change requests. We ask members however to understand though that such requests follow an established and standardized process supported VATSIM's policies, which strive to find the correct balance when weighing most, if not all, factors.

Michael Mund-Hoym
Assistant to the VATSIM Vice President of Membership
VATSIM Network Supervisor

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