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Appointment of Divisional Membership Director

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The time has come to announce the new Divisional Membership Director. I am pleased to welcome Praveen Saju to the divisional staff team as the new Membership Director of Middle East & North Africa. Praveen has been in the division for quite some time residing in the Emirates vACC holding an S3 rating, Praveen has lot's of ideas to bring at a divisional level from his experience as a vACC Membership Director. We all look forward on working with him!

With the appointment of Praveen we also see the departure of Sam Julnes from his position. Sam has joined us since the VATNAF + VATME merge back in the middle of 2020 improving the membership policies and streamlining the process for the better of the division and it's vACCs. The division would like to thank Sam for his work in the past year and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors! 

Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
VATSIM Network Supervisor, Team 5
##  [email protected] 


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